Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Man Dies in Vat of Chocolate

Does this candy taste strange to you?

(New Jersey) FDA monitors chocolate factory after death. One day after a worker at a Camden factory fell to his death in a vat of chocolate, federal authorities were at the facility on July 9 to make sure the company did not ship chocolate that had come into contact with the victim. The company, Lyons & Sons, had not shipped the chocolate the victim fell into, and will allow Food and Drug Administration officials to monitor its destruction, said an FDA spokeswoman.

On July 8, a man fell from a nine-foot platform as he tossed blocks of cocoa extract into a 120-degree tank that was mixing and melting the material into Hershey’s chocolate, authorities said. Inside the vat, he was hit with a mechanical paddle, and rescue attempts were unsuccessful.

At least they're destroying the chocolate. Upton Sinclair would be happy.

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