Fountain Pens

My fountain pens. Okay, they're not all fountain pens.

(ca. 1985) Osmirod Calligraphy Black with gold bands. Medium italic nib.

(<1994) (Unknown) Chrome plated, six rubber rings, accepts ball point and rollerball refills. My father received this pen at some point and passed it on to me.

(~1992) Parker Vector Calligraphy Set, Black barrel, medium writing nib, Fine, Medium and Broad calligraphy nibs. Parker piston filler and plastic presentation case. Purchased back in high school. Small crack where the nib threads into the barrel, effectively repaired with evil super glue.

The fine calligraphy nib is quite nice to use as a substitute for an italic writing nib.

(~1992) Parker Vector, Blue, medium nib.

(1994) Cross Pen(s) Having graduated from high school in this year, I received several cross pen sets. A very traditional graduation present, but now that I know more about pens, there are many other choices I will make when giving pens as there are several exceptional ones to give as gifts. I have a chrome with gold tip and clip, a cross pencil with black barrel, brass clip and gold tips, and a pen in gold which was engraved with my name.

(~1994) Waterman Hemisphere Beautiful looking pen, gold nib, forgotten in a drawer for 15 years.

(~200x) Waterman Rollerball

(~2002) Pelikan Souveran M400 Blue Striped, Gold Nib 14K Extra Fine My favorite pen, not the least of which because my beautiful wife gave it to me.

(2009) Pelikano Jr. Blue, Right Handed

(2009) Pelikan Souveran M400 Gold Nib 14K Fine I bought this nib when my 2 year old got a hold of my Souveran and decided to go writing. I've since undertaken the repair of my extra fine nib while I use this one instead.

(2009) Pelikan P58 Style Fountain Pen Fine Nib I bought this one because it looked modern and cool. It is a pain to hold, especially compared to the nearly identical Pelikano Jr. which is a delight to write with.

(2009) Jinhao 25C ebay $0.99 special!


Noodler's Ink Aircorp Blue-Black Goes down incredibly smooth, I notice some discoloration on my stainless steel parker nib, I guess Noodler's ink is known for this. Haven't tried it yet in any of my gold nibs.

Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue Goes down nice but turns a pale blue I find minimally acceptable.

Parker Quink Blue-Black Writes nice, but quickly turns blue-green on my favorite notebook. Currently bleeds badly in my favorite pen on my favorite notebook.


... numerous ...


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