Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eclipse Ganymede Cannot connect to keystore.

If you're using eclipse and find yourself getting the following errors:

Cannot connect to keystore. This trust engine is read only.

It's probably related to certificate installs (such as that needed to complete the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse install).

After doing that, try running keytool -list, if you get an IOException about an invalid keystore, then delete ~/.keystore
The fix is easy, don't use the ganymede-SDK distribution, start with the jee distribution.

Here's what I tried that didn't work:

Run sudo update-alternatives --all and make sure you pick all the same sun jvm alternatives for your JDK toolchain. I had a few of mine mismatched because I upgraded from Ubuntu 6.04 to 8.04 to Jaunty.

That didn't solve the problem, so I tried moving my ~/.eclipse directory out of the way. No dice. Next, I moved my workspace's .metadata directory aside. That didn't do it either.

I then tried purging any non-sun jvms, then running with both java-5 and java-6 jvms using new workspaces. Everything produced the same error message.

What finally worked: discarding the eclipse-SDK distribution and using the eclipse-jee distribution. Something is definitely screwy with the SDK one.

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