Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Free Energy Crackpots

I shouldn't be, but I'm amazed that there are still gullible crackpots who are earnestly working every day toward achieving free energy. Not in a tongue-in-cheek, or steampunk-cybergoth manner, but in an actual effort to achieve the impossible of free, perpetual energy. A world filled with alleged friend-of-a-friend witnessing of a running perpetual motion/free energy machines and crazy plans.

Seriously, the number of assertions I see where someone says they are 'close' and only need a 'bit more work' to get a working bench model are dizzying. Of course, one wise person on the Intarwebs pointed out...

The Internet has been taken over by truth seekers and things like free energy, and then of course all the scams that I assume are funded by the oil companies hoping that people will buy in to them and get scammed and then never touch free energy again.

So, if you ever get burned by some free energy plans or schemes, just remember, it's the oil companies that are seeding disinformation.

In the meantime, give Idiocracy another viewing.

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