Monday, July 31, 2006

Those Crazy Japanese

Japanese TV FreaksOver at TV-In-Japan, aside from a crappy web layout, they have a clip from youtube that is an example of everything that is right and wrong with Japanese TV and culture. According to the comments, the user kazuhima has several more of the same available on his youtube account.


  1. Geez. Sorry for the crappy webskillz.

  2. I refer specifically to the fact that the header of the site uses a div+onclick javascript to provide a root site link. A trick which uses XHTML + javascript to recreate the existing <a> tag. As a software engineer, using javascript to reinvent functionality that is already part of the language you are using sticks a special kind of needle into a certain part of my lizard brain.

    Of course, clever spellings of webskills makes up for all of it.