Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Man of steel, made of rubber

Well, it turns out that the Man of Steel is made of rubber. At least that's what the over-used, too-close-up CGI made it look like. But the good news is that just like Joe Sixpack, he likes a Budweiser when he's got woman troubles, though his supporters are cool with Bud Light. Lois Lane drives the new Audi sport-utility-compact, talks on a Samsung cell phone and the Daily Planet has switched over to VoIP for their phone system. Oh, and Jimmy Olsen uses a sexy new Nikon digicam. Certain kinds of refreshment, however were limited to plain old advertisements.

So, evidently all is well in metropolis. Of course, not all product placement would have been appropriate given the plot. Then again, maybe latex can't stand up to the man of steel.

Oh yeah, in a global market with timed releases, it's no longer commercially viable for S-man to stand for "Truth, Justice and the American Way". Now he just (always has) stood for Truth and Justice". Good to know.

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