Saturday, May 27, 2006

Michael Schumacher is a cheating bastard

Finally there's some justice in F1 racing. It was painfully obvious to everyone that what Michael Schumacher did on the final lap of qualifying was blatantly wrong, and it's good to see that after an investigation he gets to start where he deserves, right next to his teammate on the 12th row.

What made it stand out was that on the lap that he pulled this stunt on, Fernando Alonso still finished only +0.064 seconds off from making pole. So, instead of taking 2nd position and being on the lead row, the worthless bastard gets to sit at the back of the grid and try to fight his way forward. Not likely given that about 40 of the 50 runnings of the Monaco Grand Prix have gone to the first three grid positions. I believe it has been 10 years since someone not in the front of the pack has managed to win.

If this decision were up to the FIA, I'm sure that it would have gone in favor of Schumacher. For years the FIA has done everything it could to work in favor of Ferrari, but finally this decision wasn't up to them. Under the sporting regulations, the actions of the driver are judged by the race stewards, not Bernie Ecclestone. Thank god.

Sadly, we've had two awesome races recently, the Grand Prix of Europe and the Grand Prix of Spain, both of which were exciting, close fights between the two drivers, and the fans would have had another awesome display of engineering, driving and strategy this weekend, but alas, rather than fight fair, he chose to fight dirty.

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