Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Robots Get to Second Base

Breast examination robotIt's a fucked up world when there's not enough men around to grope a woman's breast, but that's appears to be the very problem that scientists are looking to deal with according to the new scientist. I would tend to agree with the analysis stating that delays make such devices of suspect utility, however I feel the real problem is that I don't believe we're close to the point where we can send (enough) of these sort of remote sensing devices. Consider the following:

Scenario A) trained medical technicians/clinicians are sent around the world to perform these same examinations rapidly and on a wide scale and then report their findings via traditional communication channels (electronic or otherwise) to any of a large body of capable doctors who analyze it. Even better, these technicians are also training locals to perform these same procedures so that as they leave regions a trained population remains behind.

Scenario B) a number of these devices are shipped around the world, along with the necessary technicians, high speed telecommunications equipment, etc. to care and feed them while a very small number of doctors trained in remote diagnosis use equally expensive devices to perform a very limited form of analysis. Meanwhile as these travelling marvels move from region to region, they leave behind a large number of 'referrals' and not much else.

Frankly, robotics are good for space exploration, undersea repairs and battling on comedy central. They are not good at, nor even the slightest approximation of the skill humans have for breast manipulation.

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