Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wonder Box

Wonder Box I'm considering building one of these Wonder Boxes. The box is basically a long contraption with a drawer pull on the end. When the drawer is opened, you find, a drawer. However, if you roll the box 90 degrees and open the drawer, you get another drawer. Roll it again and you still get a drawer. All the way around, no matter which of the four sides is up, you get a drawer. Granted it's the same drawer, there are no multidimensional properties at work, but it's still a clever device.

The design is straightforward and it appears to be a nifty toy. The only real question is whether or not I have sufficient woodworking skills to pull it off. The tolerances required for fine cabinetry are extremely tight. Also, not having a workshop will make it tough, but I'll find a way. It may have to wait until next spring though.

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