Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Hard Rock Zombies

When I went to the video store to look for new additions to my bad movie collection, I had no idea what I was in for. My friend ended up purchasing a little gem called Hard Rock Zombies. Don't let the IMDB review get you down, this movie is incredible. The back of the case advertises the fact that not only are there zombies, there's also hard rock (more on that later), big hair, Hitler and a love story. As for the hard rock, I'm not a major rock fan, but even I can tell that the rock is about as hard as gouda. Regardless, the box goes on to state that these zombies are actually back to fight against Hitler. That's something quite new, zombies on the side of good, not evil. Thus it was a must-see.

Needless to say, the movie is absolutely craptacular, but that's what a bad movie is all about. The most awesome gem in a series of cool hits was the fact that it not only had Hitler, brief but entirely gratuitous nudity, an homage to Hitchcock (Psycho), midgets AND Hitler as a zombie, it also had Cannibalistic-Mutant-Zombie-Midget-Nazis. Talk about getting your money's worth.

There's your usual compliment of completely inexplicable scenes, as well as a host of bad cuts and more than one montage--in fact, the 'big battle' scene between the good zombies and Hitler's forces of mutant evil is done as a montage. Not quite the way one expects things to go, but what the hey. This movie has everything one could want except for space aliens. It does try too hard, and breaks the fourth wall a few times in a way that is neither entertaining nor clever, but none of that should detract from your enjoyment of an otherwise fine awful movie.

Note: awful movies are always enjoyed best with your friends in a comfortable setting. If you're watching bad movies by yourself, you may have a problem.

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