Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Every Cause Comes With Art

Ah, the joys of the internet. Every cause can now publish not only its propaganda, but also its art.

Behold, the tragically-anonymous poem Ode To My Husband's Missing Foreskin. I guess the message is clear though. Click through (if you dare) to enjoy numerous bits of artwork interspersed with graphic photos of circumcision. It's clearly anti-circumcision propaganda with both rational and outrageous claims freely intermingled, but the poem is worthy of standing on its own.

Ode To My Husband's Missing Foreskin
Found at http://www.sexuallymutilatedchild.org/ode.htm

I never knew you. I wish I had.
Someone said you were bad.

Ripped you off before you were complete,
thought that bare glans looked so neat.

Now we deal with wet against dry
and rely on KY.

How much fun it would have been
to slide you back and forth again.

And see the pleasure in his eyes
as his pressure starts to rise.

Circumcision robs more than one
of the perfect design for fun.

He doesn't miss what he never had,
so why does it make me so sad?


For balance, here are other more rational pro circumcision web sites and a light overview of the debate. Tragically I was not able to find any concise or even reasonable position statements against circumcision, though I'm sure they're out there. Wading through piles of shit to find even the shiniest nickel that may be down there just isn't worth any more of my time.

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